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Design Meets Intellectual Property Law Challenges

November 5, 2017

Kyle-Beth Hilfer  will speak about intellectual property law challenges in hospitality design at BDNY 2017 (Boutique Design New York).  Together with a panel of experts in the hospitality field, Ms. Hilfer will discuss legal issues in hospitality design at the concept, manufacture, and purchasing stages. In particular, she will present the challenges of legally protecting furniture, lighting, layouts, and decor. In addition, she will explore opportunities for  protecting unique and original hotel brand experiences and FF&E. Finally, Ms. Hilfer will offer best practices for avoiding intellectual property infringement and achieving protection under patent, copyright and trademark laws.

Why This Talk Matters: Competition between hotel brands is fierce, and design elements are often critical points of distinction between brands. Nonetheless, there has been an uptick of legal challenges between hotel groups claiming intellectual property infringement. In addition, industrial designers are still in court, warding off copycats and low-cost imposters. Now, more than ever, hospitality designers need to learn about the legal implications of their design processes so they can protect both their own companies’ and their clients’ interests.

What You Will Learn: Interior architects and designers need to work collaboratively with their clients, starting at the concept stage, to produce legally protectable elements and to avoid infringing someone else’s property. From mood boards to furniture specs to lobby experiences to room decor, the savvy designer needs to be aware of the landmines for intellectual property challenges. S/he needs to plan proactively so that the design process can support intellectual property protection. At the same time, during the build, manufacture, and purchasing stages, both the designer and the brand should focus on their contractual rights and obligations to both respect and take advantage of patent, copyright, and trademark laws.

How To Attend: BDNY is an annual trade fair and conference for the hospitality design industry. Hospitality architects, designers, purchasing agents,  owners/developers, manufacturers, and marketers  attend to share inspiration and innovation in the hospitality design field.

To learn more about the BDNY conference and how to attend as Ms. Hilfer’s guest, click here.


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