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December 2011

What the U.S. Constitution Teaches About Drafting Social Media Policies

December 19, 2011

I was a history major in college, and I learned to value lessons from our past. When I read that Supreme Court Justice Breyer was the first US Supreme Court justice to participate in a live streaming social media event this past July, I noted that one of our most historic institutions, the Supreme Court, was taking a giant step forward into the future. I was even more struck when I heard what the event was about. Justice Breyer was teaching Tunisian scholars about drafting a constitution for their fledgling democracy, and he was using the American constitution as the lesson book. Powerful lessons from history indeed!


Lessons from the FTC Settlement with Facebook

December 6, 2011

Facebook and the FTC have announced a settlement over charges that Facebook’s 2009 retroactive changes of users’ privacy settings constituted deceptive behavior. Much of the settlement is a rehash of what we already know, namely that Facebook was pursuing aggressively the erosion of privacy and that the FTC wants companies to implement comprehensive privacy programs that are flexible as new business practices emerge. The most interesting aspects of the settlement are as follows:



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