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October 2013

How Not to Create a Fluid Trademark

October 9, 2013

What happens when a well-known trademark owner makes fun of itself? Sometimes, the result is consumer confusion. Burger King has taken the concept of “fluid trademarks” to extremes. In a new campaign, Burger King has focused completely on its french fries, pretending to change its corporate identity to “Fries King.” In so doing, it has confused its followers, proving that fluid trademarks can be risky business.


5 Top Legal Questions and Answers about Pinterest

October 6, 2013

Clients frequently ask questions about copyright issues with Pinterest. In fact, the same questions arise repeatedly. Brands want to know how to avoid copyright violations on Pinterest, and they want to know how they can build a Pinterest marketing strategy into their business plan safely. Realtor Magazine recently interviewed me about how realtors can use Pinterest boards to promote their listings. The legal issues apply across industries. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about legal issues on Pinterest.



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