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September 2012

Why Penny Auction Sites Could Be Dangerous and Possibly Illegal

September 28, 2012

The Internet offers multiple websites luring consumers with promises of free iPads, TVs, and high-tech cameras. Many of these sites are auction sites, selling brand-name merchandise at deep discounts. Consumers bid on the merchandise, just as they do in an auction, but they frequently have to pay for the opportunity to bid. The sites are often referred to as “penny auction” sites, and variations on the model are proliferating rapidly on the Internet.


Back to School: Lessons in Truthful Advertising

September 5, 2012

Like other mothers across the country, my back-to-school ritual last week included a visit to Staples to shop for school supplies. Who would not be lured by “easy” shopping but more importantly “free” highlighters? Indeed, the “free” highlighters were of particular interest to me as a mother, but they were also of equal interest to me as an advertising lawyer.



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