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"The words of my book nothing, the drift of it everything."
Walt Whitman
“Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.”
Napoleon Hill

Intellectual Property

Intellectual PropertyTransforming Ideas into Legally Protected Property

Kyle-Beth Hilfer understands that intellectual property is the cornerstone of a brand. She has over twenty years experience as an intellectual property attorney, advising companies on how to transform their ideas into legally protectable copyrights and trademarks. Representing both licensors and licensees, she helps develop long-term business plans to maximize the value of their intellectual property portfolios. She assists in the development, use, maintenance, licensing and protection of their trademarks and copyrights, and she offers strategies for exploiting intellectual property in a global marketplace.

As an arbitrator on the Intellectual Property panel for the American Arbitration Association, Kyle-Beth is well versed in handling intellectual property disputes. She harnesses this expertise for her transactional clients and prepares clearly drafted and effective license agreements. She proactively anticipates potential business issues in developing intellectual property to help avoid litigation down the road.

Kyle-Beth is dedicated to staying abreast of the most current trends in intellectual property. Fully versed in the world of e-commerce and social media, she can advise clients on marketing strategies that facilitate the worth of their intellectual property portfolio. As user generated content becomes more prevalent, clients also need more advice regarding rights of publicity and privacy. Kyle-Beth’s clients benefit from her cutting edge knowledge in these areas.

Kyle-Beth offers a full array of intellectual property services:


  • Trademark selection and clearance
  • Trademark search evaluations
  • Domestic and foreign registration
  • Trademark maintenance
  • License agreements
  • Advice on 43a and unfair competition claims


  • Works for hire
  • Derivative works
  • Multiple ownership
  • Fair use
  • Art licensing
  • Licensing agreements
  • Digital Millenium Copyright Act advice
  • Tweet copyright protection


  • Art licensing
  • Merchandise licensing
  • Software licensing
  • Trademark licensing

Social Media

  • Protection of trademarks/copyrights in social media
  • Infringement Issues
  • Trademark highjacking
  • User generated content
  • Unsolicited ideas
  • Testimonials and endorsements
  • Development of prize promotions

Rights of Publicity and Privacy

  • Use of a person’s name/likeness
  • Advice on commercial usages
  • Use of photographs
  • Impersonation and avatars

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