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"The words of my book nothing, the drift of it everything."
Walt Whitman
“Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can.”
Abraham Lincoln

Dispute Resolution

Developing Innovative Solutions to Conflict

Kyle-Beth Hilfer approaches each matter with the overarching philosophy that clients do not want to end up in court. Having trained initially as a litigator, Kyle-Beth appreciates the emotional and financial toll that lawsuits can exact. She is particularly sensitive to clients’ risk tolerance levels, and she customizes her advice based on clients’ business goals. Kyle-Beth works proactively to anticipate problems before they arise and avoid litigation.

As a Harvard Law student, Kyle-Beth distinguished herself in the competitive Williston Contract Competition and studied alternative dispute resolution. Throughout her years of practice, Kyle-Beth has been an active advocate for alternate dispute resolution. She excels at developing innovative solutions to conflict. She drafts fair contracts that produce business results and sustain relationships.

Kyle-Beth serves on the Alternate Dispute Resolution Section of the Westchester County Bar Association. She speaks and writes often about arbitration and ADR. In addition, she has developed an innovative curriculum for training sessions on contract negotiation and dispute resolution. For more information about retaining Kyle-Beth for a dispute resolution seminar, contact her for a consultation.

Arbitration Practice
Rendering Fair and Knowledgeable Decisions

Kyle-Beth brings her legal expertise, industry knowledge, and her dedication to equity to her arbitration practice. She understands that parties who have chosen arbitration want an efficient, rapid, and fair resolution to their conflicts. Kyle-Beth differentiates herself with an active case management style that incorporates:

  • Pre-hearing telephonic conferences
  • Early resolution of discovery issues
  • Clear and detailed schedules
  • Organized evidentiary hearings
  • Confidentiality
  • Impartiality
  • Respect for the parties
  • Awareness of budget

Kyle-Beth has served as an arbitrator for multiple cases, including large complex cases, in a broad range of industries: advertising, electronic retailing, intellectual property, publishing, public relations, talent management, sports management, event management, entertainment, infomercial, and art.

She has issued decisions that hinge on complex damages’ claims, interpretations of fiduciary obligations, agency relationships, licensing issues, and causation.

Kyle-Beth is available to serve as sole arbitrator, panel chairperson, or panelist through the following forums:

  • American Arbitration Association: Commercial and Intellectual Property Panels, Customer Account Panel. For more information about retaining Kyle-Beth through the AAA, please visit
  • Non-administered private arbitrations. For more information about hiring Kyle-Beth as a private arbitrator, contact her for a consultation.
  • The City of New York Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings Contract Dispute Resolution Board: appointed through the judicial system to hear disputes arising out of contracts between New York City and its vendors for goods, services, and construction.

Below are links to articles Kyle-Beth has written about arbitration in intellectual property disputes: